Honoring Fallen Comrades

Andrea Streich with a representative from the American Legion.

The American Legion became involved with the Cole Foundation several years ago.

We received the flyer for “Light Up a Life” in the mail at the post. This type of request is received on a regular basis from organizations throughout the area; we review each one as to its merit, and then decide where we can best donate our funds. After presenting it to the membership, we realized that this was just one more way that our fallen comrades may be recognized. It also gave us a feeling of pride that a local organization would recognize our Veterans. The first year we simply turned in the list of deceased members. Several of us attended the ceremony and saw that this was a great way to memorialize those who are no longer with us. As each year went by, we looked forward to the request for a donation.

After having attended several very emotional tree lighting ceremonies, we decided that we were not just memorializing our comrades but we were honoring the families as well. So instead of just donating in memory of an individual, we decided to become a sponsor for the “Light Up a Life” event.

With this sponsorship, we can thank the Cole Foundation for what they do for our Veterans and their families.

And this support does not stop there. Drive through the hospital grounds and view all the military placards of service personnel pictures and military service flags displayed on the poles. In the spring, the Healing Waters event, a program for our disabled Veterans, does a drive-through of the hospital grounds. And don’t forget the 4th of July when hundreds of American flags are on display in the lawn area to honor and memorialize those that have been lost. And as our motto at American Legion Post 192 says, “We served our Country, now we serve our community”.

A very special thank you to the Cole Foundation for not only what you do for all our Veterans but for what you do for the community, county, state and Nation.

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