Honor Your Caregiver

Becca Gardner, PA-C, and Deb Losey, PA-C of the Port Allegany Health Center were recognized recently through the Cole Foundation's Honor Your Caregiver Program by Tracy Leet, Director Practice Management at UPMC Cole. These providers were recognized for going above and beyond to ensure that patients had access to care in our service area.

Tracy wrote, "Debra - Thank you for graciously providing coverage to the Emporium community! Your commitment is greatly appreciated!  Becca - Thank you for being caring and for the dedication you share with patients, coworkers, and the community."  

To learn more about our Honor Your Caregiver program, visit our website at https://www.yourcolefoundation.org/ways.../honor-a-caregiver

Pictured:  Deb Losey, PA-C; Kelly Clay, Practice Manager; Becca Gardner, PA-C

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